Monday, March 27, 2017

Beginning Painting // experimental painting project // for Weds March 29th

You should have your canvas primed with gesso
. I left two cans in the Mineral Spirits cabinet w/ a " X :) " on the lids.
There is an example of the gesso application with the two cans as well.

You should have sketches of what you want to do for your project
. Remember this is a quick project with lots of freedom but you need to stay focus and work through ideas quickly.

You should have a color palette / scheme mapped out- use the worksheet questions (on the hand out) and below:

Color Palette Work Sheet:

1. What type of palette will you be using?

2. What colors will you be using?

3. How will these colors operate in the context of your painting?

4. Make a sample color palette for future reference.

Advanced Painting // shaped substrate projects

Advanced Painting

You should have your substrate primed and ready to paint by the start of class on Weds.

Since I was pulled away on a student tour today, I will plan on checking in with each
of you personally on Weds, about what your plans are, troubleshooting, sketches, etc.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Advanced Painting // Monday Mar. 26th

Advanced Painting

Shaped Substrates should be constructed. Monday's studio time will be spent:

- checking in with Professor Fung and TA Barbara about your plans.

- completing any remaining prep (gesso, gathering images/source materials)

- starting paintings

***BFA Painting Seniors***

set up Critique work in the hallway for the beginning of class.

Beginning Painting // Critique Color Still Life + new project

Beginning Painting


Next project introduced.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Beginning Painting

Your full color still life project due date has been extended!

We will have another work day on Weds, your painting is now due

on March 27th and begin our next project Monday after Critique.

Advanced Painting // LINKS to Shaped Painting Videos

Advanced Painting

Weds will be a work day for building your shaped substrates.

Bring things to do for down time if a saw or tool is busy/being used.

Here are the links to the You Tube videos I made for the Tondo + Hexagon



Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Advanced Painting::::Spring Break Edition

Advanced Painting

checklist, due the Monday after Spring Break

1. Make critique changes to cadaver watercolor to turn in the week after spring break.

2. Sketch out shapes for shaped painting project, sketch out ideas to paint for shaped panels/canvas. This will be checked on Monday before we begin build day.

3. Gather supplies for shaped paintings (you should have 1x2 Poplar and Mdf panel), see syllabus for sizes.

4. Submit an artwork to the Annual Juried $how. Ca$h prizes and be part of a SoA annual tradition! Submissions taken this Thursday and Friday.

5. Have a safe spring break!